ISO 27001 Certification - Value Proposition

With growing globalization, organizations needs to migrate away from standards and frameworks constructed by silo-based organizations and goverment bodies and adopt a globally accepted approach.

No matter what the scope of an implementation of the standard, organization's typically realize significant enhancements to the information security program maturity.

Any product, service capability or risk mitigation activity that assures investors and key business stakeholders of the stability and resilience of the business is provding tangible shareholder value.

The number one driver for most organization's adoption and certification to the ISO 27001 standard is to satisfy  customer expectations memorialized in legally binding service agreements.

International Standards Alignment
Enhanced Information Security Maturity
Compliance with Customer Expectations
Increased Shareholder Value
Gap  & Business Partner Assessments
Internal Audit Support

We understand not all organizations are prepared to immediately take on the ISO Internal Audit requirements. We can help.

Getting started with your ISO program, or need to assess your service providers?

We can help.

As the volume of high profile data breaches continues to climb, our  busines partneship become globalized, and reliance on old trust models fade, many organizations are turning to ISO 27001 as a framework to:

  1. internally build a comprehensive information security program; and

  2. serve as a measurement of trust in business partnerships.

ISO 27001 Auditors ™can help.

ISO 27001 Auditors


When establishing an ISO 27001 based information security management system, the standard requires an organization to conduct a formal gap assessment against the criteria deemed in scope and defined in the standard, as well as, the additional requirements identified during its legal and regulatory review. Many organizations lack the expertise to understand the expectations of the requirements and seek the services of expert management advisory services organizations like ISO 27001 Auditors ™ to assist them to perform this foundational activity.

Gap Assessments

So let's step back and start with the basics. What exactly is a gap assessment? A gap assessment is a review of the activities you are currently performing in today's operational practices against a predetermined list of practices.


ISO 27001 Auditors ™ proivdes expert resources to perform a thorough analysis of your environment deemed within scope, and compares your practices against your organization's defined capability maturity model. This approach provides unique insight into the level of maturity the organization needs to rise to, and qualified information from which to conduct a full impact assessment to quantify the true implemenation costs.


Business Partner / Vendor Audit

Trust is the foundation of all relationships in our lives, and is similarly important in the busienss world.


ISO 27001 Auditors ™ provides services to help your Security Risk Management Program through our Business Partner / Vendor Auditor services.


Based on your defined audit criteria, we will dispatch a single or a team of our auditors to assess those organizations with whom you have trusted your sensitive business and customer information to.


By having ISO 27001 Auditors ™ perform this function on your organization's behalf, you can contain operational costs while satisfying a ciritical due diligence obligation, as well as, regulatory and an ISO 27001 mandatory requirement.


Certification Audit Support

Many of today's leading service providers are turning to  27001 and other ISO standards to secure the confidence of their customers and business partners. While these companies come from varying industries like technology, legal, financial services and others, they all have the same mark of distinction. They are thinking and operating with a global strategic mindset.


ISO 27001 Auditors ™ helps clients through the certification audit process, by serving as your Point of Contact for Certification Auditors to ensure the best outcome, and your attainment of ISO 27001 certification. We do this by acting as an intermediator between your company and the certification auditors ensuring they receive the correct audit evidence necessary for a positive outcome, and ensure


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Internal Audit Services

Adopting an ISO standard can be a daunting task, but that doen't mean you have to go it alone.


ISO 27001 Auditors ™ offers support servics to either help your existing Internal Audit Department staff prepare and fulfill the ISO-based audit program requirements, or provide outsourced Internal Audit services to allow you time to make the adjustment with all the other changes going on around you, and limit short term costs.


To learn more about ISO 27001 you can find a great overview on Wikipedia,or purchase a copy of the standard at the websites for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

or directly from ISO.


auditors remain focused on the scope and minimum requirements of the standard.


Give us a call today and learn how we can help you get your organization certified to meet your defined business objectives and customer contractual obligations.

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